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Things You Can Do With Vaporized Weed

Firstly, we need to understand what vaporizing weed is. Outwardly, it is heating the cannabis below 392°F. More precisely, it is a process of heating cannabis to the point that all the cannabinoids disappear without destroying the material. Portable vaporizers are examples of products used to vaporize cannabis. Once done,

How To Clean A Dry Herb Vape Pen Efficiently

Herb vape pens have become a necessity for herb enthusiasts. These battery operated pen sized devices can be used anytime, anywhere. It is also popularized by various celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg, just to name a few. Dry herb vape pens enjoy special attention because they

Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Mouthpiece: Plastic or Glass?

Although portable dry herb vaporizer mouthpieces come in different lengths and sizes, there are two main types: the glass and plastic. While both materials have their own advantages they also have drawbacks. As one of the most used parts of a portable marijuana vaporizer, choosing the right mouthpiece is very

Weed Vape Pen Common Vaping Mistakes

Without a doubt vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. It is the latest trend considered beneficial for both fun and medical use. However, if you are a beginner vaper, you might not be able to enjoy the full vaping experience on your first try. Most people think that all

Cheap Dry Herb Vape Pen: Conduction VS Convection

Cheap dry herb vaporizers are a hit. The number of cheap dry herb vaporizers in the market is astronomical and finding the best can be tough. To make your shopping experience a little bit better, lets discuss the two basic types of herb vaporizer based on heating.: the conduction herb

Herb Vaping VS Herb Smoking: Herb Vape Pen or Joint?

After the boom of dry herb vaporizers, the undying debate on herb vape pens and joints continues. So which one is better? Smoking weed or vaping weed? For the sake of argument, we have compared the two methods below to let you decide which one is best for you. Herb

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