Studies show that cannabis can ease pain, inflammation, spasm, and nausea in humans. But are you aware that your lovable furry companions can also benefit from cannabis?

The Veterinary Information Network survey found that 79% of vets with clinical experience using cannabis products to ease chronic pain in animals. It is also a great use for managing anxiety. Jerry Judkins, a veterinarian at Animalkind Veterinary Clinic, also stated that “CBD is 100% non-toxic. You can’t overdose on CBD. It only makes pets sleepy, but there’s no toxicity.”

Pets on Cannabis

CBD hemp can help with both chronic and acute diseases in dogs. Some of these ailments include arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress response, aggression, and digestive issues. There are also studies looking into CBD’s effect on diabetes, organ diseases, and cancer.

For pet lovers, hearing about their pets suffering from a chronic illness is a nightmare. Knowing that natural cannabis hemp can help them in this kind of scenario is really a good thing. However, just like other herbal remedies, you may not see an immediate effect. Patience is key.

If your pets are experiencing some pain, relief may show in a few hours. For inflammation, it may take a few days before any improvements can be observed.

If you are worried about the “high” effects, you don’t have to be. First of all, cannabis hemp that is used for medicinal purposes on pets has low THC. The most common side effect that your pet may experience is drowsiness.

On rare occasions, side effects have included excessive itchiness or mild vomiting, but these sensitivities are few and far between. If your pets react with these symptoms, you should stop giving them cannabis.

If you are planning on trying cannabis hemp on your pet, go for the lowest possible dosage first. Consult your veterinarian to get the right dosage for your pets. Be responsible enough to observe your pets’ response.

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