Cheap dry herb vaporizers are a hit. The number of cheap dry herb vaporizers in the market is astronomical and finding the best can be tough. To make your shopping experience a little bit better, lets discuss the two basic types of herb vaporizer based on heating.: the conduction herb vaporizers and the convection herb vaporizers.

Conduction Vaping

Think of it as adding the herb directly on a pan. The heat is directly in contact with the herb and it heats up the herb to create vapor. Some cheap dry herb vape pens work this way. The coils directly touch the herb giving you a more flavourful vapor.

For beginner vapers, using a conduction dry herb vape pen will give you almost the same flavor as smoking a joint. The only difference with smoking a joint and with a conduction herb vaporizer is that you can actually set the temperatures. Since most cheap dry herb vape pens do not have very high temperatures, it is still considered safer compared to traditional smoking since there is no combustion.

“Combustion” the science word for burning substances usually produce harmful toxins that is mixed together with the vapor. Combustion is very common with traditional smoking but is rarely seen with conduction vaporizers.

Some conduction herb vaporizers will have a separate chamber for wax. These multi-purpose vaporizers come in handy for vaping concentrates and waxes. This ensures that you can enjoy vaporizing through controlled means without worrying whether the chamber will melt or burn. Devices that operate on conduction also last longer as the heating element touches no other part of it. Waxes or herb in the vaporizer also lasts longer as they are not heated directly.

Convection Vaping

Convection is the geek term for baking. Instead of “combusting” or burning the herbs, heat is transmitted to the air and the heated air passes through the herb creating the vapor. To put it simply, imagine how ovens work. It circulates the heat to the air in its chamber during a baking process. When using a convection vape, the thermal energy surrounds and goes through your herb. The heating element or the coil does not touch your herb.

Convection vapes allow for better control of temperature meaning that the herbs are heated more thoroughly and more consistently compared to conduction vapes. The vapor flavor produced is cleaner. Though some would prefer conduction vaporizers for more flavour.

Although modern convection vaporizers are very convenient to use, cleaning the chamber and the screen can be a little tedious. Sometimes you need to use pins to poke through the air holes. the air holes can be easily gunked up and needs to be cleaned properly for a better vaping experience.

The great thing about convection vaporizers is that you do not often see browning on the herbs and you can still sometimes use if for your special chocolate or butter recipe.


When talking about vaping, the best vaporizer will come down to your personal preferences. If you want the taste that are used to when smoking a joint, then go for conduction vapes. If you want a cleaner taste and the ability to reuse your vaporized herbs, then convection vaporizers is the way to go.