Just like you prepare your vaping gear, preparing your herbs for vaping is just as important. For some vapes, preheating is a good way to make sure that your device is ready for your session. For herbs, it’s the proper herb grinding.

You prepare and cut your herbs when you cook. When you vape, you need to prepare your herbs too. Grinding your herbs the right way is essential in herb vaping. Grinding your herbs in equal parts is very convenient for herb vaporizers. Why? Because this makes it easier to vaporize your herb.

Vaporizers may come in different shapes and sizes but the size of the ground herb needed to create vapor doesn’t differ at all. Each vaporizer has a chamber where you’re going to put your herbs. If your herbs are not ground right, your vape won’t be able to produce a consistent heat to properly vaporize the herbs. Grinding your herbs will let you get all the flavor, terpenes, and all the other good stuff.

Grinder Basics

Herb grinders have “teeth” to grind your herbs into smaller pieces. Ground herbs fall down to the next chamber until it reaches the bottom. This way, finer herbs are filtered out and they are ready to be vaped.

metal herb grinder 40mm silvermetal herb grinder 50mm

Extra Tip: Make sure that your herb is really dry. This will ensure a tastier vapour and a smoother vaping experience.

Other Herb Grinding Things to Remember:

  • Remove sticks and stems from your herbs!
  • Don’t overgrind or undergrind your herbs!
  • Never overpack your vaporizer chambers!

To wrap this up, herb grinding isn’t really that complicated. It is a straight-forward step before enjoying your vape. But making sure you grind your herbs the right way can provide the best experience for your herbs.

What do you use to grind your herbs when you vape?