There has been lots of speculation regarding growing your own weed since the changes to the legislation. Is it really possible for you to start your own cannabis garden?

In January 2020, ACT law allowed territory residents aged 18 or older to grow cannabis plants at home. There is a limit of two plants per person and four per household. And each person will be allowed to be in possession of no more than 50 grams of dried cannabis.

Finally! So I can prepare my backyard for cannabis! Right?

With that being said, enthusiasts think that they can just grab their shovels and watering can. Unfortunately, no. Starting and growing your own marijuana is still illegal in Australia.


There are still plenty of reasons why you can’t just start your own cannabis garden. You still need a license from the Federal Government. The new law is only indeed for the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes following given guidelines, and can only be used to supply government-approved, fully-licensed manufacturers.

Even if you are ill and want your own cannabis for treatment, there is a great strict set of rules to be followed. Licenses, requirements, background check, suitable property for growing, and many more.

So if you are into growing your own seeds, better start the application process early since it could take a while.

Have you ever considered growing your own cannabis?