Vaping is one famous way of consuming cannabis using a non-combustion method. There are different pot vaporizers. It can be used for oils, cartridges, dry herbs, and dry flowers. As always, vaping provides a safer alternative than smoking.

Types of Cannabis Vaporizers:

Desktop/Table-Top Vaporizer
– Known for its super-strong performance and no need for changing batteries.
– A simple “plug into power source” vaping gear that provides consistent and efficient energy to vaporize your favorite herbs.

Dry Herb
– Comes in several portable devices.
– Normally pairs with a dry herb grinder so the heating process would be easier.
– Since it doesn’t need combustion, it releases vapours without carbonization.

Porcelain Vape

– The most popular vaporizer around the world of cannabis vaping.
– Small and discreet designs on-the-go vaporizers.

Vaping cannabis is a simple process. You just need to decide on what specific cannabis product you prefer. There are tons of vaporizers available in the market.

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Most of the vaporizers have the capability of adjusting the temperatures. You have control over the temperature making it more versatile. But the best temperature for vaping cannabis is around 400°F.

Vaping is the easiest way of consuming herbs, both medicinal or recreational. It is very convenient and straightforward.

Have you ever tried vaping cannabis?