After the boom of dry herb vaporizers, the undying debate on herb vape pens and joints continues. So which one is better? Smoking weed or vaping weed? For the sake of argument, we have compared the two methods below to let you decide which one is best for you.

Herb Vape Pen VS Joints

1. Health effects

When you use an herb vape pen, the herb is heated to create vapor. Proper vaporization only releases the essential oils of the herb since you do not actually burn the herb. These essential oils containing terpenes and cannabinoids that gives you the medicinal effects of marijuana.

Like vaping, smoking weed using a joint also releases the active ingredients of marijuana. However, the method of releasing the good stuff is a bit different. It requires combustion or burning the herbs. When you burn the herb you don’t only release the active ingredients but this method also cause the release of harmful toxins. With vaping you do not get these toxins since you are not burning the herbs. To put it simply, smoking is a lot more dangerous compared to vaping because of theses harmful toxins.

The only downside with herb vape pens is probably the minimal regulation that it is subjected to during the manufacturing process. There are a lot of low-quality herb vaporizers in the market and the health effects of these vaporizers are questionable. So if you are looking for a weed vaporizer, only trust a reputable herb vape pen Australia supplier.

2. Taste

Given that vaporization does not burn the cannabis plant, the vapor quality is good and is somewhat concentrated which gives it a clean and soft flavor. Smoking on the other hand leaves behind a woody taste which most medical marijuana users love.

The taste preference however, varies from one person to another. Some people prefer the refined taste of vaporizing while others tend to prefer smoking because it has very thick and has an evident flavor.

3. Ease of use

Vaping comes with a lot of hassle compared to smoking. This is especially so for flower vaporizers. They require you to load the tiny chamber and to clean the vaporizer after use. Most portable herb vaporizers need recharging after the battery has run out. Vaporizers with a weak battery may also give you a weak hit thereby wasting your cannabis.

Smoking a joint is quite easy but rolling the joints can be a hassle sometimes. The good thing is that can roll your joints in advance and you are ready to smoke any time. In addition, the experience of smoking is the same throughout unlike that for vaporizers that are affected by battery strength.

The Victor

How you enjoy your weed will ultimately come down to what you consider is important. Is it the health factor, taste or the ease of use? If we are talking about health reasons, then using a herb vape pen wins a mile over joints. When it comes to taste, it usually varies for person to another. Some might prefer the woody taste of smoking a joint while others would prefer the soft clean flavor of an herb vaporizer. It’s the same when it comes to ease of use. Would you prefer rolling joints, or would you prefer cleaning your vaporizer?

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