Vaping is a great way to enjoy weed. Though vaping and smoking is similar in more ways than one, they are totally different. Vaporization allows you to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without the harmful effects of smoking. When vaporizing, the heat is transmitted to the herb without burning it and because there is no combustion, the herbs stay fresh and you don’t get to inhale the harmful toxins that you usually get when smoking a joint.

Vape Accessories

To vape marijuana, you will require a vaporizer. Although there are many kinds of vaporizers and vaping products, there are two main types, portable vapes, and desktop vapes. It is important to know what these types are even before you learn of how to use dry herb vaporizer. According to Greenstate, the leading portable dry herb vaporizer is the Pax 3 which is available internationally while the Volcano Vaporizer is desktop vaporizer to have.

There a lot of accessories that enhance the vaping experience and it can be expensive buying them all. The best thing would be to first think about what you want the accessory to do e.g. the Ming Vase Drip Tip is shaped to fit in ergonomically in your mouth for comfort when vaping. Vaping accessories allow you to customize the vaping experience to suit your personal taste and preferences.

Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers

Conduction and convection are methods of heat transfer, and basically principal concepts that will help you on how to use dry herb vaporizer. Conduction involves the transfer of heat through metal while convection is transfer through liquid and gas. An example of a conduction vaporizer is Pax made by Ploom. Heat is transferred through a metal chamber to heat the cannabis flowers.

On the other hand, Firefly transfers heat to the flower through the hot air making it a convection vaporizer. In theory, convection vaporizers are more efficient than conduction vapes. When heating through a metal chamber, some parts of the flower may not get heated but when using hot air every part of the flower can get heat making it efficient.

Loading Your Vape Pen

The main question when using a vape is whether to load it with concentrate or use flowers. If you want to smoke using both rolling papers and a vaporizer it would be best to use a vaporizer that takes leaves so that you don’t have to buy both loose leaf and concentrates.

Economically, concentrates cost about $40 and you can take up to 200 pulls from the pen, while flower vapes use a bowl’ system so the cost of filling the chamber depends on the strain type, quality and where you buy it from. It would be important to keep in mind if you choose to use loose leaf you can get a more varied experience than using concentrates. There a lot of leaf strains and even more being invented that you can try out.

When loading your vape it is important to be very careful because they are very costly, both the concentrate and the vape. Avoid touching the concentrate with bare hands. It lowers their quality. Use a dabber to collect the concentrate into the vaporizer. After loading, you are ready to vape. Press and hold down the on’ button as you inhale.

The best effect comes when you draw slow and steady instead of taking huge gulps. Most dab pens have a temperature adjustment setting, high temperature gives off a more powerful hit while low temperatures give more flavorful hits.

Cleaning Vape Pens

Vape pens are enjoying huge popularity right now. Most of them will require charging frequently unless it is the disposable kind. And some like the Firefly 2 or Pax can vaporize both flowers and concentrates. It is recommended to clean the vape pen at least once a week but more depending on how much you use it.

The best way to clean a vape pen is:
– Disassemble the vaporizer.
– Remove any remaining content by gently tapping them out over an ashtray or a table so you don’t lose the small screen in the heating chamber.
– Use a Q-tip or the cleaning brush that came with the vaporizer to remove any remaining residue in the vape.
– Clean out the mouthpiece the same way and wipe out any dirt on the outside with a cloth or cotton ball.
– Look at the battery and remove anything that would disturb the connection.
– Reassemble the vape and wipe down the outside with a damp cotton cloth.

There you go; we hope this post was helpful in as far as understanding some basic principles of vaping is concerned. Feel free to drop your comments.