Do you know what cloud chasing is?

Even if you are new to vaping, you must have seen those YouTube videos of people puffing large amounts of smoke/vapour from e-cigarettes or vapes. That’s cloud-chasing.

This act can be done by vapers with the use of liquid with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin. This component allows one to create large fumes.

Cloud chasing

Can Cloud-Chasing be Done by Anyone?

Yes, anyone can do it with enough experience, practice, and knowledge of vaping.

For some people, this is a hobby but for some, this is a sport. There are vape conventions and expos that conduct competitions for this technique. For these vaping competitions, participants should be of legal age. Depending on the contest rules, winners are usually judged based on the volume of clouds or on their creativity.

Can You Do Cloud-Chasing with Herbs?

Dry herb vaporizers can’t produce the big, thick clouds that your e-cig type vapes that use liquids can. Essentially, doing this technique with herb vape will be difficult to achieve.

However, there are some herb vaporizers that can produce more visible vapour. There are also specific herbs that produce more vapour but as we have said, this is nothing like the huge clouds from mods or liquids that are used for this technique.

Things to Consider:

Below are some important points to consider when you want to cloud chasing:

Battery – Cloud-chasing or not, you should be very wary of the quality of batteries you are putting in your mod. The wrong usage of batteries can cause fire or explosion that can lead to serious injuries.

Vape/Juice/Herb – If you are really into it, your gears will be one of the biggest factors that will allow you to produce thick clouds. There are specific types of vaping gear that are used for this activity. For juice, make sure to use juices with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin.

Technique – Technique is as important as your gear. Great gear with no technique means nothing. Practice makes perfect. Ensuring proper breathing is important. Be creative with your tricks and be unique.

That should have given you the basic knowledge you need to get started on cloud-chasing. Practice your skills and you could be the next cloud-chasing star on YouTube or TikTok. And if this isn’t your thing, there’s a plethora of knowledge to be had about her vaping. Check out our other blog posts.