You would want your vaporizers to be working at peak performance when you use it. This would make your vaping experience remarkable and enjoyable. To make sure you get the best experience every time you vape, here are some basic tips to keep your vaporizer running smoothly.

Let’s go!

Herb Packing

First things first. Filling up your vaporizer with the right amount of herb is important to ensure your vaporizer’s best performance.

  • Meet the minimum amount needed on your herb chamber/bowl.
  • Never overpack your bowl.

Herb Grinding

Proper grinding depends on what type of vaporizer you have.

metal herb grinder 50mm screen

  • Conduction – If your vaporizer uses conduction heating, it is recommended to grind your herbs fine. Make sure that the ground pieces don’t fall through the screens.
  • Convection – if your vaporizer uses convection heating, grind your herbs into medium parts to allow proper airflow in the heating chamber.

Getting the Right Temperature

Getting the right temperature is a big part of the vaping experience. Use your vaporizer temperature control and don’t go too hot.

Note that herbs have different organic components and each component needs to reach a certain temperature to release the substance. Getting the right temperature also affects the flavor of the vapor. Check out our post on getting the best temperature for vaping weed.

Clean Vaporizer

v12 plus twisty blunt pipe gold

The most important aspect of keeping your vaporizer in peak condition is cleaning it regularly. A clean herb vaporizer is a good herb vaporizer. Whatever kind of vaporizer you have, it will last longer with good maintenance.

  • Remove all types of resin so airflow would always be optimized.
  • Make sure to remove left out chunks of weed in your bowl.
  • Regularly clean your screen or replace them if possible.

These are simple yet very effective ways to make sure that your vaporizer is always in its best condition. These tips aren’t just going to make your vaporizer stay in peak condition, this will also lengthen its life span.

If you have other tips to share, let us know in the comments.