As marijuana is more socially acceptable in societies today, people start wondering how safe it really is. Is vaporizing weed bad for you? Vaping has gained popularity throughout the years, but is it actually better for you? We are going to take a look at the differences between smoking weed and vaping.

The Benefits of Vaping Weed

  •  Efficiency
    You are using less of the weed when it is smoked. First off, you lose about 50% of the cannabinoids (chemical compounds that keep our bodies healthy and stable) when you light up the weed cigarette. As if that weren’t enough, you then lose about 15-20% more as the cigarette burns. In total, you only make use out of 65-70% of what you paid for, which is not a lot.
  • Fewer Carcinogens
    What many of us are worried about is the toxic compounds. Dale H. Gieringer Ph.D., the coordinator for California NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marihuana Laws) claims cannabis vaporizers actually eliminate the creation of harmful carcinogenic compounds.
  • The Flavours
    The temperature has a great effect on the flavor of the cannabis. Terpenes, also known as the molecules that give cannabis plants their special scent, have a direct impact on how different strains of weed affect you. Different terpenes are expressed at different boiling points, some require higher temperatures and adjusting the temperature of the vaporizer will give you control over your experience.
  • Lower Temperature
    Vaporizers do not burn the weed as a regular flame does, instead, they are able to heat it until vapor is produced. It is debated, but vapor apparently lowers the risk of health issues you may incur from smoking because the toxins and carcinogens are reduced. Learn more about vaping temperatures here.

The best thing to do when buying a new vaporizer is finding one that has a customizable temperature function. This way they won’t combust the cannabis and you are able to make sure you get the most potent experience by finding the right temperature for that particular strain.

Is Vaporizing Weed Bad for Your Lungs?

While there has been no conclusive evidence proving so, there is no debate that vaporizing weed cuts down the number of carcinogens, which can at least reduce the chances of health issues.

You often see people coughing and wheezing from marijuana smoke inhalation, and that’s because marijuana smoke contains irritants that are harmful to your lungs and airways. Vaping only adds heat to the weed to produce a vapor, giving the same or better experience without you having to inhale harmful smoke.


At this point in time, vaping is the best and safest way to smoke weed. It’s not only the healthier method, but it also gives you control over your the experience while lessening the aftertaste, reducing the smell, and giving a stronger and prolonged high. If that wasn’t enough, you also get more for your money because vaporizers utilize more of the marijuana efficiently. Perhaps you aren’t a brazen individual and don’t want to call attention to yourself by walking around with an obvious joint. If this is you, a vaporizer is more discreet and low-key than the alternative. You will no longer reek of marijuana smoke or affect the people around you. Vaporizing is a better choice for you, those around you, and your wallet.