Everyone was a beginner once. The same holds true for herb vaping. Being a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t get a good quality vape for your first one. Check out our simple list of what to consider when purchasing your first herb vape.


As a beginner, price is most likely the first thing that you are looking into. There are inexpensive models that are available at around $50. There are also high-end models that are priced for over $500. For beginners, there’s nothing wrong with buying cheap vaporizers. Since you are just starting out, you aren’t sure if you’ll stick with it.

You heard it right, there’s nothing’s wrong with cheap vaporizers. However, you should still be aware of the company where your vaping product came from. Even if you are looking for a cheap vape, make sure that you are purchasing authentic gear and not an imitation. The Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer is a good choice for a beginner.

black mamba herb vaporizer

Take some time to research the companies and models of your preferred equipment. You can check online reviews, product reviews, or even vaping forums and message boards. Researching is the best thing a beginner can do!


This might be one of the things vapers often overlook. The warranty should always be considered. Even if you bought a top of line equipment, it can have issues. That’s where the warranty comes in. If you purchased a device from an authorized dealer or manufacturer, there will be some type of guarantee or manufacturer’s warranty.

For HerbVape Australia, you can return damaged or not working items. Just follow these instructions and we’ll provide a replacement or refund your purchase.

Portability, Size, Heating Methods, Display

This refers to every physical aspect of your vape. Portability and size will depend on your lifestyle. If you are normally going outside, portable and small devices are advisable since they are easier to carry around. However, there are desktop vaporizers that are best used at home. Sure you can carry it with you but do you really wanna lug around with bulky vaping gear?

Vaporizers use two common heating methods, conduction, and convection. The convection method uses warm air to heat your herbs. This method provides even heating throughout your herbs producing better vapour.

On the other hand, the conduction method uses heating elements to directly heat your herbs. This method has a higher risk of burning but they are also normally less expensive compared to convection vaporizers.

The display is also an important thing to consider especially for beginners. Depending on your vape, an LED screen will display the temperature, battery life, and another status of your equipment. That will make things easier.


Is battery life that important? Of course.

There are vaporizers that use flame-powered models either a built-in butane or direct heat with the use of a lighter. However, this type of vaporizer can release deadly gas that can be mixed with your vapour.

As for battery-powered vaporizers, these vaporizers are rechargeable and can be plugged in an outlet or USB port to charge. Since it’s using electricity, no compounds will be mixed with your vapour.

To Wrap This Up

There are many other things to consider for your first herb vape but these are the most important things that beginners should be aware of. If you have a friend that is into herb vaping, consider asking for recommendations.

Check out more information about herb vaping for beginners here.

If you have any questions, you can let us know in the comments or contact us! Happy vaping!