Firstly, we need to understand what vaporizing weed is. Outwardly, it is heating the cannabis below 392°F. More precisely, it is a process of heating cannabis to the point that all the cannabinoids disappear without destroying the material. Portable vaporizers are examples of products used to vaporize cannabis. Once done, you may wonder what to do with the vaporized weed.

Make Cannabutter

One way to use the vaporized weed is to design cannabis-infused butter commonly known as Cannabutter. It is made from already vaporized bud (AVB) and coconut oil. There are vast vaped weed recipes that Cannabutter can be incorporated into. For instance, when making brownies cookies and other desserts. Cannabutter has several uses, for example, blending it into a beverage and spreading it on toast.

Make Capsules

Capsules made from vaporized weed paved the way for stealth consumption of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In this case, AVB indirectly fuses with the capsule. You will first need to add some coconut oil and half a teaspoon of lecithin before making a capsule.

Who Doesn’t Love Weed Infused Bownies?

Thirdly, it is now famous for making brownies out of AVB. The vaped weed recipes are a perfect house-warming party product. They are easy to make and have a chocolate and nuts taste.

One crucial aspect to never forget is water curing the vaporized weed. Since vaped pot does not have a good texture, it is necessary that one water cures the AVG. The reason for this process is, once the AVG is liquid cured, then the risk of bad smell is evaded. Additionally, one avoids tasting gas related issues. More precisely, the water cure process removes the bad taste and smell of the vaporized weed.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

This may seem like an unusual idea, but it works. It involves creating a mixture of AVB and alcohol. Water curing should come before making the mixture.

Make Concentrates

The fifth is making concentrates. To achieve your goal, you will need more vaporized weed since this process needs so much cannabinoid.

Making Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are best when made after water curing. So, if you are looking for practical, tinctures are where to settle. Additionally, you can sprinkle the AVB on your food. Although this method is not advisable, it is a widely practiced method.

The Final puff, which is a product of the different leftovers should be consumed with caution. It is advisable that if trying cannabis edibles for the first time, one should consider their health conditions.

In conclusion, there are many vaped weed recipes to explore and get the best out of vaporized weed. The effect of marijuana will typically kick in faster when the cannabis vaporizes than when eaten. Vaporized weed is, particularly of no detrimental impact. Therefore, with the options mentioned above, you should undoubtedly vaporize your marijuana. Stay elevated even as you try them out. Don’t be left behind, try out today and enjoy the benefits other vape users have been enjoying.