Vaping has always been known to be safer than smoking cigarettes. Some smokers try to get rid of nicotine in their system to have a healthier life. However, some smokers still crave the high that nicotine gives when it is inhaled. Most people think of marijuana when talking about dry herbs to vape. Truth is, there are other kinds of herbs that you can vape and benefit from.

What are the Best Dry Herbs That You Can Use in Your Herb Vaporizer?

Blue Lotus

If you have been vaping marijuana and want to try something else, then this is for you. This one is often used as a substitute for marijuana due to its euphoric effect or the feelings that make you feel happy and stress-free. This should also be vaped at 125°C.

Best Dry Herbs to Vape lotus flower

Lavender and Chamomile

These two fragrant herbs are both known to help people feel relaxed and calm. It helps promote good sleep. Both of them can also relax the nerves of the digestive tract to relieve stomach cramps, diarrhea and flatulence. They are both recommended to vape at 125°C.

lavender and chamomile

Lemon Balm

This is great for those who suffer from gut problems. It is good at healing wounds and calming down muscles. Just like lavender and chamomile, it can also promote good sleep. This herb should be heated 142°C.

lemon balm


Aside from reducing stress, this Australian herb is also known to treat colds, alleviate sore throat, and improve the immune system. This should be vaped at 130°C.



Like the eucalyptus, this is also good for treating colds and any type of body pain. Its refreshing flavor also provides energy to the user. This should be heated to 170°C.

peppermint leaves

There are a lot of dry herbs that you can choose from. Feel free to try them all. Whether you after the taste or the effect, we are certain it will be a good experience.

Let us know in the comments what other herbs you are fond of vaping.