Considering the fact that weed has been made legal in many countries and states, it has really become easier for stoners to use it with no fear. Also, it has encouraged many other new marijuana consumers. Public awareness has been made that weed also has health importance. With things being in this manner, it has come to our attention that people have been smoking weed, whereas they can just vaporize it. Vaping weed comes with lots of advantages, and those who have started doing it don’t want to stop. However, those who consume weed don’t know exactly the best temperatures to vape weed. With this said, let’s go mining to learning more on the best temperature to vape weed.

What to consider before vaping your weed

The title of Weed or Marijuana is quite complex and should be broken down. This should be done in order for one to understand what weed they consume on what temperature they should use to vape it. As many weed users know, each strain is not similar to another one. Therefore, depending on the factors below, we will determine what the best vaping temperature weed you’ll need.

1. Chemical components.

Every strain of weed is composed of different organic components. These components greatly contribute to the temperature they should be subjected to in order to realize your preferred flavor and taste. Given the guide on the amount of temperature, each chemical component starts to vape at, deciding the right temperature for vaping your weed would be much easier.

We have two major organic components in weed; Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Below, is an outline of each terpene and cannabinoids and the temperature they begin to vape at.


  • Limonene –starts to vape at 176°C or 349°F
  • Linalool –starts to vape at 198°C or 388°F
  • Caryophyllene –starts to vape at 160°C or 320°F
  • Pinene –starts to vape at 155°C or 311°F
  • Myrcene –starts to vape at 168°C or 334°F


  • THCv -starts to vape at 220°C or 428°F
  • THC -starts to vape at 157°C or 315°F
  • CBN -starts to vape at 185°C or 365°F
  • CBD -starts to vape at 180°C or 356°F

2. Intended feeling

Knowing the intended feeling, you want to achieve after consuming your vaped weed with help quite much. It will let you decide on the amount of heat you need to subject your vaporizer to, so as to vape your weed the way you want it. The temperatures applied to your weed is proportional to the feeling you get after consumption.

  • Feel almost normalFor beginners, you don’t really want to mess up your first puff with a feeling that will knock you out. Therefore, you need the weed that will make you feel less intoxicated and has lightweight effects on you. Vaping your weed at low temperature would be wise. The vapor will be less harsh on your thought, and hence, there will be less coughing. Also, the vapor produces a fresh taste. The vapor will be cooler, and piney on you and side effects like cotton mouth, red eyes, and anxiety will be less harsh. The temperatures at which you should vaporize your weed should range between 320°F to 350°F.
  • Mid-way intoxicatedThe weed should be half baked. This means that not too much temperatures as well as not less. Your strain can have some cannabinoids which obviously require a little more temperatures to vape. The feeling here is meditative and relaxing. The side effects are minor, and the vapor produced is a little bit warmer. The combination of both cannabinoids and terpenes makes the weed more flavored. Both the effects and flavor range at the same level. The temperatures on your vaporizer should be ranging between 350°F to 400°F.
  • Feel totally highThis one is for the pros. As it is, the more you heat your weed, the higher you will get. This obviously means that the temperatures are quite high. The cannabinoid percentage is high in your strain that you intend to vape. The psychotic effect is extremely high, but the vapor is less flavourful. The vapor is also hot, as the temperatures are high. Due to this high temperature, this is quite close to literally smoking. The side effects are extreme, and coughing may come along. If you go for this feeling, the temperature that you should use to vape your weed should range between 400°F to 430°F.

Many people don’t intend to stick to the rules, so if you want to exceed the brackets in temperature, you should not go more than 10°F.

3. Type of consumer

  • Medical userThere are those who use weed for medical purposes. If you are suffering from Asthma, Nausea, and vomiting, Movement disorders, Appetite loss, Spasticity Pain, Headache/migraine, or Epilepsy taking cannabis is useful. Since you are not looking after psychotic feelings or don’t want to get high, you should aim at getting the right substance off your strain. The most used substances for medical purpose are CBD and THC. Both are cannabinoids. The right temperatures to ensure that these two substances are in the vapor you get from your weed is 356°F(180°C) to 392°F(200°C). This will ensure that you don’t inhale harmful substances like benzene which are produced at a temperature above that. Also, it will ensure that your vapor comprises the health substances that you required.
  • Recreational consumerRecreational consumers can vary from normal users, the fan, or the explorer. These three defers in the way they perceive weed. For the normal one, they just want to feel high and experience psychotic feelings for pleasure. The temperature to vape your weed should be 180°C-200°C. The fan user just like the taste of weed and puts flavor first. The temperatures to vape his weed should be 150°C-156°C. For the explorer, he/she uses weed to help them move into a virtual world where they can compose songs or even exercise they skills in art in a full manner. The temperatures for vaping their weed should be 185°C.

As evident above, deciding on the right temperature to vape your weed entirely lies on your preference.
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