What is the Difference Between E-Cigarettes and Vapes

Everybody knows that smoking is not good for your health and the people around you. If you want to quit your traditional smoking cigarette habit then you might want to transition toy the e-cigarettes or vapes. Before you switch, you need to know which one you will choose. Is it an e-cigarette or vape

Are They Different?

Yes! People may think that they are the same but they are not. Technically both of them are used for vaping and a great alternative to smoking. One of their main differences is their appearance.

E-cigarette tend to mimic cigarettes but they are longer. It is a great option for those who still want to feel like they are still holding cigarettes. It also has a heating elements, flavouring, chemicals and runs on a battery., An e-cigarette holds liquid that usually contains nicotine which is the same with the same addictive substance found in cigarettes.

On the other hand, vape or vaporizer is slightly larger. Its battery is also considered to be more advanced and lasts longer compared to e-cig. You can also choose from different flavors based on your preferences.

You can vape liquids or dry herbs. If you want to vape herbs like cannabis, we also recommend getting a grinder. Vaping enables you to customize the nicotine content which also helps you to gradually reduce your intake which is good for your health.

You can go for a dry herb vape and weed vaporizer if you want to experience nicotine free vaping. Taking away the nicotine is the most challenging parts of cutting down your smoking habit. Once you are over your nicotine addiction, you’ll be glad to know that there are a lot of herbs that you can use for your vaporizer.

Some of these dry herbs can be found in your kitchen or yard. All you need is to invest in the  proper vaping equipment. Investing may sound expensive but this is much better compared to being diagnosed with lung cancer because you can’t quit smoking.

Switch to a herb vape while you still have the chance.