Is smoking cannabis bad for you? Should you vape it instead? Cannabis contains cannabidiol, which can be used to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, nausea and anxiety. For many people, cannabis is salvation. Smoking cannabis however comes with certain health risks.

Smoking Weed Can be Cancerous

Smoking marijuana is a toxic method of consuming cannabis. When you heat cannabis for more than 32°c, it can create a carcinogenic effect. Marijuana smoke can cause heavy coughing and it contains tar — the same tar that is found in cigarette smoke which is linked to cancer and other lung diseases. Though the rates are low, some studies also suggest that smoking marijuana can trigger a heart attack. What causes the heart attacks is not clear but researchers suspect it may be because inhaling cannabis can increase your heart rate.

Why smoke at all? Experts suggest that vaping is the safest way to consume cannabis as it results in the least amount of harm. Smoking cannabis allows burned debris to enter your lungs. Also, burning causes chemical reactions that create harmful compounds much like when smoking tobacco.

What Does a Vaporizer Do?

When you vape, you don’t burn anything. You heat the weed just enough to create a clean and uncontaminated aerosol. There is no combustion.

When cannabis is heated to just the right temperature that prevents it from burning, the resulting aerosol allows for a smoother puff that doesn’t hurt your lungs or throat. A weed vaporizer produces a pure and clean vapor and offers a pleasant vaping experience. Also, the body absorbs concentrated THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) contained in aerosol much faster.

Vaporizing weed is more efficient compared to smoking weed. Vaping converts 46% of THC to vapour while smoking converts less than 25%. This means the body absorbs more THC for better results. Whether you use weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, vaping will provide a better experience.

Weed vaping makes use of dried cannabis or CBD oil.

Weed Vaping Does Not Produce Carcinogens

Since carcinogens when smoking weed is created in chemical reactions during combustion, weed vaping does not create carcinogens in the absence of combustion. You can rest assured that you are doing harm to your body while vaping weed.

So ditch that joint and vape weed instead.